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    Prepping for glass

    My canoe is nearly ready for glassing. Read some posts on other sites about sanding the hull. Some say sand to 60 grit, other say sand to fine (120). Trying to determine how much sanding is necessary and what benefit there is to fine vs coarse sanding. This is my first (and probably only) build, so I want to do it right.

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    Hello Gary,

    I live in the Pittsburgh area and I just finished my cedar strip canoe. You will want to buy an orbital sander. Harbor Freight carries a decent one. Use progressively finer papers till you get to 240. You will round the edges with 40 or 80 grit but do not remove any from the middle of the slats. You will not know how deep you sand if you do. Move to 100 grit. Then 150 grit. Buy the velcro backed discs for the orbital 5" in dia. get the ones with holes to line up with the holes in the orbital. then duct tape your shop vacuum to the orbital and use it always while you are sanding. Do not breathe uncured glass or you will hurt yourself bad. The vac trick works well to avoid it getting into your air. After the boat is uniformly sanded with 150 grit, move on to 240 grit. After 240 grit, wet down the whole outside and hand sand with wet/dry 240 grit from Home depot. This will get the fuzzy grain off and give you a look at what the finish canoe will look like. Let it dry and use a damp rag to wipe down the outside to get all dust off.


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