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Thread: s&g canoe?

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    I wan't to build a 17' expidition type canoe for my wife and I. This would be my first attempt at boat building and was wondering if stitch and glue would make a suitable canoe. The strip canoe's are beautiful but kind of pricey and intimidating for a first attempt. Are there any plans for this and how much would something like this cost? Any good books or websites? Or should I consider other construction methods for a 17+foot canoe?

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    whispering pines Guest


    Check out the Sea Wolf at: www.royfolland.com
    I'm about to build one this winter.

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    Check out Selway Fisher in England. He has lots of stitch and glue canoes and some of them are quite good looking as far as multi chine canoes go!

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    Check http://home.golden.net/~mstep/ Green Valley has a Stitch & Glue version of the Osprey, soon to come up with others

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    You could also try www.pygmyboats.com. Noah's also distributes plans from them, but their S & G canoe is hot off the presses, so Noah's might not have it shown on their web page yet, so go see pygmy's page. I saw a great review of the boat in Canoe & Kayak.


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