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    Stitch & Glue plans?

    Just ran accross this forum and looking for info on just about everything regarding building with plywood. May as well admit, I'm looking to build a 34 ' cruiser w/small diesel. Just beginning to research my options. Love the style/design of the northwest fishing boats. They are a 'dime a dozen' here in the NW, and most are pretty tired. Figured if I have to work on a boat, may as well be a new boat.
    Looking for plans, and options and anything else to get started. Will have large and dry shop completed by spring.
    Any suggestions, leads, etc., will be appreciated.


    Slo Mo

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    Have you tried Sam Devlin at Devlin Designing Boat Builders. He is located in Olympia WA. He has lots of S & G designs. His website is devlinboat.com


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