OK, I'm novice. I have never built a boat in my life. That being said, I am familiar with shop tools, and not intimidated by the prospect. I have idea's of what the finished product should be, and also many questions about the process. I have yet to find the plans of the boat I wish to build, however, I do want to work with plywood.

The emmediate question that comes to mind is:
Why "stitch and glue" as apposed to the traditional plywood over ribs attatched by nails/screws etc.? Especially a large boat that needs the strength of ribs? I understand the smaller boats getting away with no ribs, stitch and glue and lots of glas. Does
S & G really work on bigger boaats, say 34 foot cabin cruisers?

I wish these forums had a greater following. I'm sure the answers are out there somewhere, and I guess i'll just keep looking.

Any help is appreciated.