I am new to this forum but what I've seen (read "read") I like.

My brief history, I am a pretty good woodworker, own a fair selection of power and hand tools and have successfully built one stripper canoe. I used the Hiawatha plans from "Canoecraft" by Moores and Mohr.

I am currently in the process of building a sloop-rigged beach boat that I can use on my local lakes with an occasional trip to Wisconsin Point on Lake Superior. (Miles of shallow water and pristine beach). I have it framed and am just fitting in the chines. My intention is to use 1/4" AC exterior plywood for the hull covering.

My question is this - can I use the two part epoxies (I have West system product on hand) without using fiberglass cloth (i.e. "painting" the hull with the epoxy resin). I see and read stuff on the "net" that seems to indicate this is a common practice if you want to paint a plywood hull, but no one gets specific. Am I way off base? I am thinking of just using cloth on the plywood seams.

I would appreciate any advice.