Hello All!,
Just wondering if anyone hunts ducks or fishes the small waters in their home state as I do... Need to design or find a design for building the lightest possible boat that will support me and my gun, some dekes, and maybe a dog or hunting buddy.
I weigh close to 300 lbs. A dog normally is in the range of 70 lbs. and the dekes, I imagine to be no more than 20 lbs. I really want something highly maneuverable for one person and the above mentioned items, which also would include being able to lift the boat and (PORT) it around unusually big obstacles. All this without loosing the deke's ( storage compartments???), and gun.
I am hoping for something less than 90 lbs. Am I still in the world of reality? Or am I asking too much from a small boat??
Thanks for any help.