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    Question Looking for Racing canoe pattern

    I am an experienced canoe and boat builder (2.5 complete) and am considering building a 2 man canoe that would be suitable for adventure racing. Does anyone have any suggests on style, pattern, building materials that would work? Any success stories out there?


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    When you say adventure racing, you mean like racing over the course of a few days/weeks?

    In either case, if you're building via stitch and glue, I'd go with a very thin plywood core, like 3mm, and build multi layers of fiberglass over that. Kevlar would be best suited if you have experience with it.

    I persoanlly don't care for Carbon Fiber for canoes that will see rocks and logs. You want to bounce, not shatter.

    The design depends on what you need it for. If it's just going for a few hours, then something skinny is best. If you're going on rivers, you need something with decent rocker. If you're going multi-day distances, then you have to think about hauling your gear.

    You could also built a one-off mold but that's a lot of work. Stitch and glue would go quicker. With a thin plywood core, concerns of rot would be of little consequence.

    JEM Watercraft


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