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    what plywood do i choose 4 my small boat project

    i'm planning on building a small boat and i am confused on what type of plywood should be used. if any one can help me out i would greatly appreciate it.

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    BS1088 is marine grade, BS 6566 is exterior grade. There are no knot holes or patches in either, both have void free cores and waterproof glue. Main difference is the quality of the faces. The BS6566 will have a few more appearance flaws, and in some sizes face veneers may be thinner. Meranti is a harder, heavier, more rot resistant wood and is usually used for larger boats. Okoume is used for Kayaks and smaller boats where light weight and ability to take severe bending as important. It is about 20% lighter in weight than Meranti, and is also lighter in color, so is more desirable for clear finishing


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