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    Fiberglass Canoe

    I have bought a mold for laying up a canoe. figured I'd try fiberglass first then once I have made my mistakes with that maybe move on to some other fabrics. I am haveing a hard time finding out what weight glass to use and how many layers, ect...The mold I have is a femail mold so the cloth gets layed in the inside, then removed from the mold. anyone have any ideas??? thanks Patrick

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    glass choices

    I would put a light cloth on the outside, such as 6 ounce, since the weave is fine and will be easier to finish. Cloth has better water resistance than the unwoven biaxle and triaxle fabrics.

    I would go with a 18 ounce Biaxle ( without mat ) after that.

    I can't comment on the strength required - its been too long since I did those types of calculations in engineering school - 2 layers would be plenty strong I think - I have a feeling unless you can get a recipie, you will need to make some test pieces to test for flex, etc.

    A biaxile tape in the keel area would help with strength also - and save weight by not building up glass where you don't need it.


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