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    Volan vs. Saline Treated Fiberglass

    Here's a new one for me.. I have discovered that there are differences in the kind of fiberglass cloth one should use; that which is treated with VOLAN and the other with SALINE. In some referances, I read that Volan treated glass is for polyester resin while saline is for epoxies. Apparently, the saline treated glass cloth saturates more thoroughly and has a better glass/epoxy bond.
    I am hoping you have some knowledge on this... Is this really
    an issue? And 'thanks' in advance....

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    Volan and Saline treated cloth both work well with epoxy. The wet out characteristics and finish have more to do with the quality of yarn and the manufacturing process.
    In any case most weavers are discontinuing Volan for environmental reasons..


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