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I built an 18' cedar strip canoe a few years back and I have been fighting with getting polyurethane to stick to the inside of the canoe. I realize what happened after I first started experiencing this issue and I am not sure what to do about it.

Before polyurethaning the outside of the canoe I remebered to use Ajax to clean off the residue left from the epoxy, but I forgot this step on the inside of the canoe and have been paying for it ever since. The other issue that is complicating this is that I only used one or two coats of epoxy on the inside of the canoe so that the surface would be rough with the texture of the weave of the fiberglass cloth showing through. This makes sanding off the loose poly a little more complicated.

Right now the inside is a bubbling/pealing mess in spots and I'd like to be able to fix it for good if possible.

Thanks for any of your thoughts.