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    Need some deck repair tips..

    First time poster here and glad I found your forums..I am in the process of reinstalling a piece of my deck that I had to cut out for fuel tank replacement..Still not sure of which epoxy I will be using but I am leaning twoards the west system brand after reading the website..I am enclosing a picture of the foward deck and liner cut in this post..There is not a lot of surface area to reglass but I need some help.My plan is to bevel both edges about 3 inches and I will be using 3/4 inch marine plywood as a backing plate that is fastened with adhesive on the bottom and mechanical fasteners in the bevel which I will leave permanently...If I use west system epoxy can I reglass the deck using a filler or should I use a fiberglass fabric to fair up the deck...Would a filler be as strong as fabric??? Any help is greatly appreciated..Also attached is a picture of the rear cut.
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