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    How do I fit a Bayliner 2352 into a container?


    I was wondeing if anyone could tell me if it's possible to containerise a Bayliner 2352LS Capri into a 40ft High Cube. It on a trailer also but could be loaded seperately, someone is bound to know exactly what needs to be do to package in container for long haul shipment, I'd be very greatful for any thoughts

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    How to fit 24ft bayliner into 40ft container

    if u r boat beam more than 7.9ft go to this link and u will see how they load boat with 9ft beam into the container. http://www.exship.com/boats.htm

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    Don't put it into a container. If it is on a trailer you should be able to get roll on roll off service. You will have to check with the shipper as some require that a vehicle be under its own power for RORO.


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