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    hurricaned destroyed canoe

    ok, laugh away. I have this fibreglass canoe that was absolutely destroyed in a hurricane. It is so damaged that you can fold it up and carry it under your arm NO KIDDING.. People say I'm nuts that I can't fix it. This is not my question as I know I can, that I do not doubt.. I am doing it because they say it cannot be done...That's just me..... ANYWAY... You know how they put a plane back together around a wire mesh? Has anyone ever done this for a canoe...? If not, then I guess I will be the first... If you know of anyone as crazy as me who is hell bent on fixing such a destroyed canoe , any idea what approach they took? see pics!!

    C turner in nova scotia
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    dosnt look like enough left to work with .

    could it be done ? well I suppose

    does it make sense ? no not really

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    I would have to agree with skip. if you are going to put that much work in one you might as well start from scratch. If you do find the info you need and you get that wreck back together please be sure to post the pics.

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    Go for it and show the non-believers that it can be done. Skip and Sneakbox are right but sometimes a guy just has to do things that only he understands. Lets see the pictures when its done. Trout

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    Whyyyy not? Duct tape, chicken wire, clamps or whatever else comes to mind to hold it together, then lots of mat and some cloth with poly resin. Ugly and heavy but it will probably float


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