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Thread: tape or cloth

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    tape or cloth

    I have started building a moccasin 2 http://www.bandbyachtdesigns.com/mocci.htm canoe. I have got all the pieces cut and am about to order the epoxy and other things to finish. I would like to leave the boat unpainted just the wood showing. I almost never see this in Stitch and glue canoes but see it in kayaks. Why is this?

    The plans call for just 2 inch glass tape at the seams. Would the boat benefit structurally from a full glass cloth? What kid of pliers should I use for twisting the wire, would linemans pliers be good?

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    Hi to all members of this forum. Russ is my name tag. I am new to boat building as a regular hobby and have just about finished a Lightning 14 from Wtersdancing.

    Some good unpainted clear finished stitch and glue canoes can be seen at http://eskimotom.com/ET_news_home.htm and http:www.greenval.com/ has a great Osprey 2. My personal opinon from boat building reschearch and related structural experince I would go for full cloth.

    And pliers, I love them lineman plires, and best is a smaller set.

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    Cloth will protect better against scraping the bottom.

    Takes more time and epoxy to apply, but is easier to fair out because you don't have all the edges to deal with.

    It also helps prevent the wood from checking. Not as much as an issue with marine-grade plywood.

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    Ditto what JEM said.


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