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    Cedar Strip Catamaran


    I am interested in using the strip method to build a 12 - 15 foot catamaran. I've noticed that that there are only a handful of catamaran designs out there and i cant seem to find any that specifically say they can be built with cedar strips.

    Does anyone know of any good plans for a small cedar strip cat?

    Im also feeling a bit adventurous so if i cant find any plans i may just design one myself. Does any one have any words of wisdom or warning regarding the design of a small catamaran?

    Thanks for any help...


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    built one from the graphic pics

    Hi i built one from the graphic pics at this web site-http://www.wallerdesign.com.au/Planlist.html -the waller 880, all i did was copyed the praphic pics and pasted them over a measured layout and constucted from there it was simple wrong of me but simple it depends on what sort of cat you are looking for though.


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