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    kevlar boat question

    I am thinking about building a boat out of kevlar. I know that the only real advantage over fiberglass is the weight. I am looking for something light enough for one person, but strong enough to handle a small outboard. What weight in ounces should I be looking at and how about the weave? I am also looking for a reasonably priced supplier! Any sugestions?

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    Kevlar boat question

    I've built two canoes out of 8.9 oz Kevlar backed by s-glass. You still need ribs. Here's an example of the rib layout for a canoe:

    Kevlar canoe ribs

    You'd surely have to do something similar for a boat. Maybe you could go to a heavier Kevlar, but I've never tried it. I'm building a couple more this spring and will use the 9 oz 64" double-bias aircraft Kevlar Noah's supplies.


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