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Thread: A Plywood ?

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    I'm seriously considering a cold-molded project that will require the hull to be built out of two layers of plywood consisting of diagonal strips.

    My question is in regard to the feasibleness of using a less expensive domestic fir plywood for the under layer and a more expensive imported (i.e. mahogany) plywood for the outer layer.

    I understand domestic marine grade fir is subject to checking and is difficult to sand properly but that wouldn't be a problem if it is used as the bottom layer.

    I can save some money if this is practicable. But can you mix different types of plywood? Will they perhaps expand and contract differently and break the epoxy bonding? etc? Anybody have any advice or an opinion.

    Thanks in advance for any response.

    lost sole

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    Don?t think you would break a good epoxy bond by using dissimilar plywood, but working with one type seems easier to me.
    We carry Meranti Mahogany BS566 plywood that is comparable in price to reasonable quality fir.


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