I'm currently building a boat that I designed myself, using Pro Chine. I sent the files for the developed panels to a company in Port Townsend, Washington and they cut out the hull panels with a CNC rounter and helped me design the other parts I needed/wanted. The parts came still attached to the plywood, and had to be cut out with an X-acto knife. So the building began. This is the first boat I've ever built. I did a lot of reading before starting, but I'm learning a lot of little things along the way that I weren't in any book. I've made some small blunders, but nothing I couldn't fix or cover up. Here are a few things I've learned so far.
All fiberglass is not the same. If you want your boat to look nice, you might need to pay a bit more.
Measuring the epoxy exactly and mixing it completly (I mix it in one cup, then poor it into another and mix it again) is critical.
Trying to speed things up by combining steps can lead to errors.
You need lots of work space. Most of the time needed to build a stitch and glue boat is taken up by waiting for epoxy to cure.
You need lots and lots of small measuring cups. I like the one's you can get from System Three. In the early stages, you make a lot of very small batches.
The foam rollers specifically for wetting out epoxy are very usefull. I cut them in half for smaller jobs like taping over finger joints.
Anyway, I hope this helps someone.