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    kevlar construction

    i am just trying to find a way to build two boxes made of kevlarfor my bike.
    i have used epoxy raisins and fiber glass before for repairs and I guess that it is a similar proccess but i cannot find any information and kevlar is expensive so I dont want to make any mistakes
    can anyone help me

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    Use the same techniques as you would with fiberglass with a couple of differences. Kevlar is difficult to cut, so either buy special (expensive) scissors or use very sharp regular ones, the bigger the better. When cutting hold the Kevlar down with one hand so it cannot slide away from the scissors. Don?t even think about using your wife?s sewing scissors.
    Kevlar does not change appearance when wet out so work it well with resin and a squeegee or preferably use a vacuum bag.
    If you try to sand Kevlar the surface just gets all fuzzy so put a layer of light weight mat or cloth over any areas you plan on sanding. Fun stuff to work with.


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