I am starting my first boat. My carpentry skills are fair but I have never used fibreglass & epoxy. I have purchased the plans for the Osprey II and am planning to use BS1088 Okoume, fillet & tape the inside seams and cloth the outside. I have a few questions:

My shop is unheated and I plan to build over the next few months (November & December in Kingston Ontario). I can make a tarp enclosure and warm it with a small heater but I doubt the temperature will be very constant. Is that okay?

From what I have read the East System seems ideal as it may flow better etc. however the Cold Cure may suit the unheated shop better although the cost is higher. Actually I'm not clear about the cost of the Cold Cure. For example is the CC6 $189.00 for a kit of epoxy and hardener or just epoxy. If hardener is extra how much is it? Is the Cold Cure as good a quality as the East?

That's probably enough questions for now! Can anyone help clarify all this for me?