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    Talking Re building 16' fibreglass runabout.

    I have built two "sticth & glue" boats, and want to try something different.
    I have bought an older Grew hull that needs a new floor, and want to convert it to a center console. I plan on cutting off the top deck, rebuilding the floor and transom, and adding new gunwales and center console. My question is, has anyone else done this type of extensive rebuild? What are some of the pitfalls I need to look out for? Should I get my head examined?Any and all comments would be appreciated.

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    Should be no problem as long as you don't change the balance of the boat too much. In other words don't add too much weight, especially up high, no standing headroom wheel houses etc. The deck helps stiffen the upper hull and the boat as a whole so be sure your gunwales replace this.


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