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    I want to restore a older 16 prospector that I have come across. It's in really bad shape. All gunnels, seats and thwarts need to be replaced. But what is worse is the glass needs to be replaced as well. The wooden hull is however in descent shape from what I can see. I believe the canoe was built before Epoxy was available. I guessing it was made with polyester resin because it looks so dark. Any one ever done this sort of thing? How difficult will it be to get the glass off. Do I try and tare the glass away from the wood or do I sand right through it?

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    You can try to peel the glass but will probably tear some cedar out with it. Try to pull off what you can in small strips, and sand the rest.


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    Hope it's not too late...

    You may be in luck if it's a polyesther resin. Check out this in-depth account at the Canadian Canoe Routes site:



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