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    Epoxy and Fiberglass mat

    Hello all, Question from a newbee....
    Im finishing up a stripper that I want to fiberglass both sides, inside and out.
    My question is what type of epoxy system should I use and what type of fiberglass mat should i use? also how much epoxy and mat will i need to do a 17' canoe? Could anyone recommend an online or local source for the materials. any help will be much appreciated.
    Thanks in advance you help.


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    Just about any good boat epoxy (MAS, East, System3, West) will work well. Use 6 oz fiberglass cloth, never mat as it will make a total mess out of your stripper canoe. Noahs has fiberglass and epoxy covering kits at;


    Or just go to our secure shopping site / canoe and kayak kits / building materials/covering kits.

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    I agree with Noah, a good boat epoxy such as MAS, East, System3, and west are good.
    If you would like to paint your canoe I do suggest that after rubbing down your boat, paint it with an etching primer, this provides protection for your top coat to adhere to, but if you don't use etching primer your paint will peel off spoiling all your hard work. Etching primer is very thin and easily applied its thin like water thus it's very easy to apply.
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