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    1960 Arrowhead canoe

    I recently acquired a 1960 Arrowhead fiberglass canoe. It needs substantial wood replacement. Is cedar the way to go? I'm on a tight budget. Also, it's a flatback and the wood encapsulated in the glass at the transom is totally rotten. I can't dig all of the wood out, as after about 6 inches the wood is still quite firm. Am I going to have to cut out the fiberglass on the inside of the transom in order to get all of the wood out, or is there a better way? I am concerned about structural integrity if I have to re-glass the transom. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Not sure what wood you need on a fiberglass canoe, seats, gunwales etc are better with a hardwood such as ash. The transom was probably put in from the inside, then glassed over, so should be no problem to cut it out from the inside. It would be best to just remove all the old wood and replace with plywood, then re fiberglass the inside.


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