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    blue or pink foam as strips?

    Has anyone built a strip construction boat using the dow or corning foam available at the home improvement stores ripped into strips. Will extra glass provide the strength and durability needed for moderate but careful use?


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    The pink or blue foam in Building Supplies is Styrofoam and not really suitable for boatbuilding. It has very low sheer strength and will delaminate easily with impact so not suitable for hull construction, but could be used for low stress areas such as interior furniture, doors etc. Styrofoam can be used with epoxy resin, but dissolves instantly on contact with Polyester Resin, acetone, lacquer thinner and most other solvents. An alternative to cut cost would be to use a boatbuilding foam such as Corecell that is not affected by solvents with polyester resin that is about 1/3 the price of epoxy

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    Well dogfuel I built a strip construction boat using the Dow last year... As per my opinion extra glass provide the strength and durability. The white beadboard isn't bad if you cut it with a hot wire cutter. Otherwise it's little statically charged beads everywhere. It's also not as tough as the blue or pink foam even with a plaster coating. I would use it only in out of the way places where it won't be damaged.


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