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    Needed. Help, help and more help.

    Hello to all.
    I am from Australia and have registered on this site to hopefully gather enough information, confidence and wisdom to begin building a canoe. The reason for this is that we are SO liimited with choice for canoes here in Oz it is not funny. At the moment I can choose between a Pelican Navigator, an Old TOwwn 147 guide and a Mad River explorer. And besides I have seen some pictures of some cedar strip canoes and I think they look absolutely brilliant. It is something we just don't do here in Oz.

    Here is the story so far. I am a fairly avid fisherman who currently uses a kayak to fish in reasonably narrow coastal streams with little or no whitewater. I'm thinking of changing to a canoe for a number of reasons. These include greater comfort, the chance to share the canoe with someone else, greater carrying capacity so that I can do overnight trips or longer. I would most commonly use the craft solo but would also like to take my wife and our two year old dog (small) occasionally. I guess it will give me greater flexibility. Don't cringe but I would like to use a double blade. Sorry, I'm not a purist. Not at this stage anyway.

    So here are the questions.
    1. Would a John Winter designed Mattawa 15'8" be suitable for my needs? I'm not sure why I have been drawn towards this. Maybe I'm barking up the wrong tree.
    2. What else is there of similar length that might be even better, remembering I want to double blade paddle.
    3. How hard are they to make? I teach children between 12 and 18 woodwork so I reckon I'm a chance.

    I look forward to this new venture. I hope I get into it. All help and advice will be greatly appreciated. Remember I know "bugger all" which is Australian for "very little".

    Thanks in advance
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    Building a cedar strip canoe isn’t rocket science, patience and attention to detail is more important than cabinetmakers skills. Noah’s ships many kits to schools, Scout troops etc.
    Trying to use this canoe as a double paddle may be more problematic. At 36” gunwale beam and about 10’ over the water it will be easier to use with a single paddle. A smaller canoe like the Osprey would work better.


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