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    Partial strip kits

    Mornin folks. Newbie here.
    After reading and dreaming about a cedar strip canoe, Myself and two cohorts are making the plunge. We plan to build three canoes concurrently.
    Reasoning.....if we did them one at a time, either we would be so burned out by the third canoe, it would never happen, or, we would be so good at what we learned the third canoe would turn out way better than the previous two, so a couple guys would be bummed.

    Now..we have the shop space, we have woodworking experience (30 years experience as a cabinetmaker) , and we have the cedar strips.
    What we need is the supplies to build a canoe, less the strips. Can Noah's supply a kit minus the strips?
    Or can Noah advise as to what we need ?

    Thanks for you attention to this matter !

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    Hi Lars,

    We can supply anything you like, from a full kit, to just the epoxy, or anything in between.

    We have fiberglass covering kits, (http://www.noahsmarine.com/customkit...ST%2DCANOE&eq=) or (http://www.noahsmarine.com/customkit...ST%2DKAYAK&eq=) Seat kits, and a whole bunch of other items (http://www.noahsmarine.com/items.asp...atus=0&Tp=&Bc=)

    Buying the materials to build 3 canoes at once will be cheaper because you're buying things like epoxy and fiberglass in bulk, plus we'll be able to quote you prices based on a higher volume. You'll also save significantly on shipping. Give us a call at 1-800-524-7517.

    Jason @ Noah's

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    Thanks for the reply Jason.
    I'll discuss with my buddies.
    Officially started project yesterday with construction of strongback
    ...no turning back now !


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