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    Needed. Help, help and more help.

    Hello to all.
    I am from Australia and have registered on this site to hopefully gather enough information, confidence and wisdom to begin building a canoe. The reason for this is that we are SO liimited with choice for canoes here in Oz it is not funny. At the moment I can choose between a Pelican Navigator, an Old TOwwn 147 guide and a Mad River explorer. And besides I have seen some pictures of some cedar strip canoes and I think they look absolutely brilliant. It is something we just don't do here in Oz.

    Here is the story so far. I am a fairly avid fisherman who currently uses a kayak to fish in reasonably narrow coastal streams with little or no whitewater. I'm thinking of changing to a canoe for a number of reasons. These include greater comfort, the chance to share the canoe with someone else, greater carrying capacity so that I can do overnight trips or longer. I would most commonly use the craft solo but would also like to take my wife and our two year old dog (small) occasionally. I guess it will give me greater flexibility. Don't cringe but I would like to use a double blade. Sorry, I'm not a purist. Not at this stage anyway.

    So here are the questions.
    1. Would a John Winter designed Mattawa 15'8" be suitable for my needs? I'm not sure why I have been drawn towards this. Maybe I'm barking up the wrong tree.
    2. What else is there of similar length that might be even better, remembering I want to double blade paddle.
    3. How hard are they to make? I teach children between 12 and 18 woodwork so I reckon I'm a chance.

    I look forward to this new venture. I hope I get into it. All help and advice will be greatly appreciated. Remember I know "bugger all" which is Australian for "very little".

    Thanks in advance
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