any advice on extending plans for a stitch & Glue 8' pram to a 10' pram
Is this extending this boat too much?

I have the plans, and the build looks simple enough, but I would really like to add the extra few feet to length.

current dimensions are:

8' length
stern is 33" wide at chine 41" wide at sheer
bow is 24" wide at chine 23 3/4" wide at sheer
boat sides are 15"

Should I scale all measurements Up 125% (8' to 10' = 125% when increasing length

I guess scarfing will be needed for the sides and bottom.

Build calls for all parts in 1/4" ply, but since I will need to do a scarfing joint on the bottom would you upgrade to 1/2" for the bottom? and keep 1/4" everywhere else or just continue on with 1/4" all around to help keep weight down.

Thanks in advance for the advice.