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Thread: 6 Hour Canoe

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    Wink 6 Hour Canoe

    I started building a 6 hour canoe a couple of weeks ago. It has turned into a 60 hour canoe, and I am still not finished. I used all porpose elmers resin from Home Depot which I think is a polyester resin to bond all keel boards, chines to sides, etc. After power planing the chines in prep for installing the bottom and removed extra long sheetrock screws from side in order to sand, inside/bottom and inside of chines and I discovered that one of the chines was not fully bonded so I removed and reapplied resin and rebonded this chine. All other joints, sides gunwhales, keeelboardswere were attached and screwed into place with this all porpose resin and appear to be fine. Now I am ready to bond bottom w new can of epoxy resin.

    What is the real difference between the bonding power Epoxy vs polyester, and do you think it will stay together???

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    Donít know what Elmerís glue is made of, but most hardware store glues are not waterproof, so your boat will probably come apart when it gets wet. Epoxy is waterproof, gap fills well when you add thickeners and is stronger than most other adhesives.

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    Polyester is not an epoxy. It is a complete resin system that will
    slowly polymerize when it's solvent is evaporated - though this may
    take months. That is why MEKP is added. It is a catalyst - not a
    component of the resin system - that speeds up polymerization, or


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