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Lonseal Two Part # 300 Epoxy Adhesive

Lonseal Two Part # 300 Epoxy Adhesive
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Item Code: LS-EE
Weight: 13.20LB
Brand List: Lonwood Marine Flooring
Product Groups: Lonseal Longwood Marine Flooring

This two-part Epoxy adhesive is designed to adhere to any substrate that is exposed to temperature extremes or excessive surface moisture. Also, metal, all non-porous surfaces including existing resilent flooring

Lonseal Two-Part Epoxy Adhesive #300
For installing all Lonseal sheet vinyl products where installation requirements call for a durable, shear resistant and waterproof bond.

  • Use to install lonseal sheeting on all clean and dry subfloor on all grade levels whether porous or not
  • Use where excessive temperature fluctuations exist and for areas exposed to excessive topical moisture

Recommended Surfaces: Interior

  • Standard Concrete (above/on/below grade) where there is no sealer or alkali present.
  • Lightweight concrete
  • Approved Plywood / Composition type panels
  • Radiant heated subfloors - floor temperature maximum of 85° F ( 29°C), measure directly over the heating elements
  • Single layer of Resilient Flooring that is well bonded and non-cushioned
  • Terrazzo, metal, fiberglass, ceramic tile

Recommended Surfaces: Exterior

  • Approved Plywood / Composition type panels
  • Fully cured and dry concrete as detailed in the included installation manual

Do Not Use Lonseal #300 on:

  • Concrete Subfloors containing moisture and Alkalinity
  • Wood or composite panels that are wet, improperly acclimated or fireproofed


  • Thoroughly mix Part “A” and Part "B" separately and together, making sure all contents of one can are
    removed and mixed completely with contents of the other.
  • Spread with appropriate trowel2. Leave open for a short time to release vapors but do not let adhesive form a
    skin. Install sheeting into wet adhesive and check for proper transfer of adhesive.
  • Immediately roll the material in both directions using a 100 lb. three-section roller.
  • Repeat rolling after one hour.
  • No foot traffic for a period of 24 hours.
  • Do not set heavy furnishings on the floor for 48 hours or allow rolling traffic for 72 hours.
  • Limits:
    • Protect from freezing. Adhesive is freeze/thaw stable to 0º F (-18º C).
    • Avoid prolonged exposure to low temperatures and multiple freeze/thaw cycles.

Note: Adhesive displacement causes visible surface irregularities and “bubbles” or air pockets. Avoid indentation by
using kneeling boards or working away from freshly spread adhesive.
Note: To ensure a proper bond it may be necessary to apply weights until the adhesive sets (12 hours).


  • Color: Off White
  • Consistency: Soft Paste
  • Storage: Nonflammable

*Note: This Adhesive may be mixed in small batches as needed. Simply maintain a 1:1 ratio of Part A and Part B

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