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3m Finesse It Ii Finishing Material
3m Bondo Fillers
3m 5" Hookit Discs Dustfree
6" Dustfree
3m Superbuff Polishing Pads
Fairing Sheets 4-1/2" X 30"
Hull & Deck Cleaners
Cream Hardeners
3m 6" Purple Clean Hookit Discs
3m High Strength Repair Filler
3m Premium Filler
3m Short Strand Repair Filler
3m Softback Sanding Sponge
Non Skid Tapes
3m 5" Purple Clean Hookit Discs

Paints and Varnishes


Bottom Paints

Many types of bottom paints including: Micron Csc, Fiberglass bottomkote, VC17, Racing bronze antifouling, and Bottomkote xxx.

Epifanes Bilge Paint

One-component protecting paint for use in bilge spaces, engine rooms, etc. where a tough paint system is required. For use on steel, wood, fibreglasss and aluminium in conjuction with the appropriate one-component primer system. Available in both white and grey.

Inflatable Boat Paint & Cleaners

Boat numbering kits, top coating, UV protective coat, and cleaners all for inflatable boats.

Oil Finishes

Lemon oil, and Tung oil. both available in 16oz containers, both non flammable, both will enhance the lustre and help preserve the wood on your boat.

Osmosis Prevention & Repair

Includes: the interprotect series of products.

Paint Strippers

Varnish, Bottom and Topside Paint Strippers


Epifanes epoxy, epigrond, fiberglass, werdol, multi marine, and interim coat primers. along with Sikkens heavycoat, hi-wave midcoat, and universal primer.

Teak Oils & Finishes

Teak finishes, oils, cleaners and preperation are all available

Thinners & Additives

Sikkens, Epifanes, and Mohawk thinners and additives.

Topside Paints

Sikkens supergloss, and deckpaint antislip. epifanes yacht enamel, monourethane coatings, polyurethane, eggshell enamel, nautiforte, and non skid deck coating.


Epifanes, Le Tonkinois, Interlux varnishes, as well as Bristol Finish.

Varnish Stains

Epoxy and Varnish compatible wood stains.

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