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Titebond 3 Ultimate Wood Glue 32 Oz 1

Wee Vera

The Following courtesy of Rob Macks, Designer

Wee Vera's light weight and small size make it a solo boat that's a dream. For the fisherman or explorer it's an easy boat to get to those seemingly inaccessible ponds. Or it's just that little "ready to go" boat for a local moonlight paddle.

Another of my designs inspired by Henry Rushton's Wee Lassie, circa 1893, Wee Vera is a small solo craft of light weight. At 24 Ibs., this is the ideal boat for a small person or someone who just doesn't want to hurt themselves lifting a heavy boat.This boat style is called a double paddle canoe, because it is paddled with a kayak paddle, in a seated position.

You don't have to be small to paddle a Wee Vera. It can handle up to 250 lbs. with ease. Wee Vera can also be set up to accommodate two children quite comfortably. The bow and stern of Wee Vera is built with air tanks, for extra flotation and small decks with a built-in hand hold for carrying. A broad flattened sculpted thwart is the standard back rest in the Wee Vera.

The Wee Vera is a terrific first boat project for someone interested in learning the wood strip boat building technique! It's small size and simple shape make it easy to build for the beginner. This boat is a kick because it is so light-weight! Any boat lover would be proud to own a Wee Vera.

It has a flattened arch hull bottom with a firm chine for very good initial stability. The bow and stern stems form a sharp vee underwater to improve tracking in wind. The flare of the bow and stern at the sheer line deflects waves for a dry ride in waves. The short length and flattened bottom makes this canoe easy to turn.

Stability is good enough on the Wee Vera to set it up as a traditional canoe with a seat a the the gunnels if you wish.

I have learned to respect this little boat's capacity and speed. As a builder, I have a lot of personal boats to choose from. I would never be without a Wee Vera in my fleet.

Length: 10'6"
Width: 30"
Depth in center: l0"
Weight: 22 - 24 Ibs.

About our "no-frills" Cedar Strip Kits

Noah’s has been supplying canoe and kayak kits for over 25 years. Our kits include absolutely everything to build yourself a beautiful cedar strip canoe or kayak. Included in the kits are all the items shown below (quantities will vary based on the design - see the kit listing above to view the actual quantities supplied in the kit.)


  • 6 to 9' Western Red Cedar Bead & Cove strips OR 64 pcs 16 - 17' long - select which strips above in drop down box.
  • You may substitute Eastern White Cedar, or Bass Wood if you'd like - let us know in the notes section when placing your order. 
  • Epoxy - Either MAS, System 3, WEST or EAST System epoxy with measuring pumps.
  • Premium fiberglass cloth, rolled on a tube to cover the inside & outside of your canoe or kayak.
  • Pre Scarfed Ash Gunwales (Full Length Ash Gunwales if full length strip option is selected.)
  • Ash Stems - precut 1/4" x 3/4" x appropriate length.
  • Dural Marine Glue to glue the strips together along with a small curved tip syringe to apply the glue.
  • Plastic measuring & mixing containers.

Special Shipping information:

Shipping to lower 48 and 10 provinces $ 59.95
Add $ 40.00 when station molds are added to short strip kits.

Truck shipping including residential delivery to all direct service points in  lower 48 and 10 provinces $ 159.95.  No extra shipping charge when station molds are added to  full length kits.


Additions and Substitutions

We can substitute any of the items listed above with any item in our catalog, some examples:

  • Add Full Size Plans to your kit.
  • Add CNC Cut station molds to any kit.
  • Don’t like Ash? Go with Cherry or even Walnut Gunwales.
  • Any type of epoxy is available with your kit - MAS, WEST, System 3 or EAST.






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