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3m Finesse It Ii Finishing Material
3m Perfect It Finishing System
3m Bondo Fillers
Eye & Ear Protection
3m 5" Hookit Discs Dustfree
6" Dustfree
3m Superbuff Polishing Pads
Cream Hardeners
Fairing Sheets 4-1/2" X 30"
All Other Tapes
Hull & Deck Cleaners
3m Perfect-It Polishing System
3m High Strength Repair Filler
3m 6" Purple Clean Hookit Discs
3m Premium Filler
3m Short Strand Repair Filler
3m Softback Sanding Sponge
Non Skid Tapes
3m 5" Purple Clean Hookit Discs
3m Accuspray
New 2022

Abrasives & Accessories


Bronze Wool

Bronze wool is great for sanding, smoothing, and stripping metal and wood finishes. Unlike steel wool, Bronze wool will not leave behind fibers that can rust and damage wood and metal finishes in a marine environment.

Fairing Boards & Blocks

3M Fairing Boards & Sandpaper

Grinding Discs

4" & 7" Grinding Discs and Backup Pads

Sanding Discs

5", 6", 8" Hookit and Stikit Sanding Discs

3m Scotch Brite Hand Pads

3M Scotch Brite Sanding / Finishing Pads

Sheet Sandpaper

9" x 11" Sandpaper in Waterproof, ALO, ALO Lube.

3m Softback Sanding Sponge

An innovation in coated abrasives for hand sanding applications. These sanding sponges provide flexibility and conformability to allow for sanding by hand in areas inexcessable to machine sanders. Features aluminum oxide mineral on a foam pad with waterproof bonding system. The foam construction helps eliminate finger marks and can be used wet or dry. These flexible abrasive coated foam sheets enable users to sand hard-to-reach areas such as headlight openings, around door handles, door jambs, etc. in the body shop and works well in the marine industry on wood, fiberglass/gelcoat, paints, ...

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