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U of T Supermileage car


Hi Noah's,
I hope all is well with you. I just wanted to provide you with a quick update on the Supermileage Team and how the vehicle turned out. We competed in the Shell Eco-Marathon this past April in Houston, Texas. On and off the track we ran into a number of problems that we had never encountered when testing the vehicle. Driver communication was our biggest issue and as a result we were unable to place.

In a preliminary run, our vehicle achieved 626mpg, which would have placed us around 13th out of 60 teams in our class. After all the issues we faced that negatively affected our performance/mileage, we are pleased with what we have produced as a first year team and have already begun in the design of next year's vehicle. I am very confident in my team and our ability to produce a winning car for next year’s competition.

None of this would be possible without your help with the carbon fiber sponsorship and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you once again for the continued support. Please see attached for a few photos of the final vehicle and a shot of us laying the carbon over our mold.

Jonathan Hamway

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1965 VW Westfalia


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1959 14' Plywood Boat Restoration


Hello all! New member here...I'm Mike, 30 years old, from Buffalo, NY doing a restoration to a 1959 hand built 14' plywood boat. I acquired this back in October and spent a month or so stripping it down to bare wood. I spent the winter remodeling my kitchen, and am now getting back to the boat. I'll fill you in with the progress so far...mind you these photos date back to October-December.

The boat was hand built by the father of a lady I work with. I don't know his name, but know that is was based off of drawings from Popular Science Magazine. He used it up until about 25 years ago...then it went into 10 years of storage...then 8 years under the ownership of my boss who had to refinish it, then the past 2 years in the barn.

Eventually this boat will end up in northern Minnesota at my parents cabin where it can be reunited with the '55 Chevy I'd really like to get a few years out of this and then hand it off to them...and then build another one for myself, something a little larger that could handle rougher water conditions and more people.

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Glen-L Super Spartan


Glen-L super spartan made using plywood from Noah`s

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corecell skimboards


Hello everyone at Noah’s,
This past January I was in your Toronto shop getting my latest supplies for my winter project of 2 skimboards that I was building with my 14 year old son Alex.

I wanted to share a Noah’s “success story” with you as I had purchased all of my materials of corecell, glass & East Epoxy from you, as well to say thank you as getting such valuable advice from your staff.

Skimboards are like small surfboards but without the skegs and you do it at the water’s edge. There are 2 forms of the sport – 1 like skateboarding on the water and the other like surfing but you are “skimming” out from the shoreline to catch a wave to ride back in on.

The pdf file attached shows some of process and the picture is of my son with his 2 new boards.

Thanks very much for all your help – you would be surprised at how a few words of advice from your staff carry over to the success of a project.

P.S. Next year we’ll probably “upgrade” to corecell & carbon fibre.

Cheers, Paul

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1981 Allison craft restoration


If it wasn't for you guys and all your help and great advice and materials this project would not have turned out as good as it did. Well we finally finished it and I wanted to share the results as we are pretty proud of the job and never mind the performance he is getting. We had hoped for speed in the range of 68 - 72 mph and are currently running in the 77-78 mph, not bad for a 30 year old boat and 25 year old motor.

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north canoe class project


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epifanes painted canoe


Hi there. Hope you are all doing well.

Last summer, I purchased marine paint at Noah’s for the cedar canvas canoe I built.

At that time, you requested that I provide some photos once completed.

Please find attached, as requested. Happy to provide others too, if you’d like to see more of it.

Thank you again for all of your help, encouragement, advice and expertise.

Take care, Melissa Thomson

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1955 Trojan Sea Queen


Here is a 1955 Trojan Sea Queen I restored for a customer. All new bottom and sides using Noah's for the plywood. Engine is a 1958 Johnson Super Sea Horse. Scarf joints about mid-ships.

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Winisk Canoe


In 2007 I started work on a cedar strip canoe and just got around to completing it. It is a 17 1/2 ft Winisk from Green Valley. Though I purchased the plans direct from Green Valley, I purchased a lot of the initial supplies at Noah's and so thought I'd mention it here.

Seth Murray

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17' cypress endeavor


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Steve's Cedar Strip Canoe


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Dave's Solo Portage


Still adding coats of varnish and have a couple of details to clean up that won't change the look. I'll send another photo or two when I get it on the water.

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Jim's Family of Kayaks


Here are pictures of my kayaks. I have built one for myself, my wife, my son and this winter as a graduation gift for the son of a friend.
Jim MacAlpine

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Steve Bosco's Nomad


your kit was wonderful to build...everything was there and extra....canoe craft by Ted Moore made it a are some pictures.

Steve Bosco

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clark's canoe


The attached pics of my yacht show off the treatment I did on the keel line. Building a strip canoe is like being pregnant - once you have the baby - you forget about the 9 months of pregnancy. Now that all the work is over and the canoe is ready to launch - all that sanding is only a fleeting memory - I love my boat!!!!!!

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Glen-L Sweet Caroline


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1967 Morgan 34


I am in the process of restoring my 1967 Morgan 34 sailboat.

The deck was stripped of all hardware and prepared according to Epifanes guidelines: 2 coats of Epifanes epoxy, the second coat sanded with 220 grit.

The paint was rolled on, and not tipped. The only departure from spec's was the use of Bristol Tropical Reducer in combination with Epifanes's reducer, to obtain a longer open time.

2 coats were applied on the first day, and a 3rd coat, without sanding, on the second day. Only smooth areas of the cabin top, toe rail area and cockpit were painted, with the anti-skid areas masked off.

Of note: on the day before painting all nonskid areas were painted with a solvent resistant, short nap roller (smooth masked off) using Epifanes
epoxy primer. Rolling in the same direction, and until tacky, yielded a consistent textured pattern that I was looking for. This will be painted with one coat of Epifanes 2 part polyurethane and a second one with the antiskid grit.

The ease of use of Epifanes 2 part polyurethane, and result, exceeded my expectations by far, as I had used Sikkens moisture cure poly on a similar job.

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"Powerful" Restoration


restoration of "powerful"

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Cajon Drums


Cajon Drums made using plywood from Noah's

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Suzy Q


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Power of One solar car


Solar Car by Marcello de Luz. built with corecell, epoxy, carbon and fiberglass.

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Tolman Skiff


The boat is a Tolman skiff with my own superstructure.
The boat is made with Meranti plywood, construction grade spruce and one engineered plywood beam for stringers. There are no ribs and almost no screws. The only structural screws are those holding the bottom to the stringers. All others used in construction were removed and holes back filled. The boat is glued together with Silvertip. Hand measured 2:1 with your cups. Lots of cotton fiber not so much Cabosil.
System 3 Silvertip epoxy was superb to use. I used about 4 gal more than Renn Tolman says is needed because I was a rookie and built the superstructure extra.
Most useful tool,Makita 7 inch disc sander.
All hardware is scavenged from other boats especially an old 1960's Chris Craft, even some of the stainless screws and the steering wheel.
The power is a 1996 Evinrude 115 hp engine. 70 hp max is recommended. I have reinforced the transom .The present max speed is about 34mph.
I would be happy to discuss with any potential builder. it was the first time I scarfed anything, used Epoxy etc. I was a true rookie.
Happy to discuss. Your team was very helpful especially to a nervous new builder.

Eric Barker

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Peter Code's Canada Day Boat


Thanks for doing this:

The paint is Epifanes, S1 was applied first, then Sika Flex 292 slow in the seams - hasn't leaked a drop in 2 years. Interior, masts and oars are Cetol Teak.

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Okoume Telescope


world's lightest 8 inch astrograph made from okoume plywood and carbon fiber.

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Christine's Apple Pie Dinghy


I just completed a new Stitch and Glue tender for my Tanzer 22. She was launched on Monday and is a great success.
It took about 125 hours to complete. I could have made it much faster but I also added a sailing rig (mast, spars, sail, daggerboard, rudder assembly and tiller) to her.

She rows beautifully even with very short oars.

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Grade 12 Project


Canoe built for Gr. 12 woodworking project 2004.

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15' Skerry Build


I built a Chesapeake Light Craft Skerry from stuff I got from Noahs.
I've been sailing it for 2 summers now and it is fabulous.

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Basement Renovation


basement residence renovation where east system epoxy, fiberglass, carbon/kevlar hybrid and marine grade plywood from Noah's were used.

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