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Last additions - 15' Skerry Build
Toronto Island Beach295 viewsAug 03, 2013
Cricket gives George a ride266 viewsAug 03, 2013
Here she is waiting patiently at the dock262 viewsAug 03, 2013
255 viewsAfter wild scampering to get all the little bits together I was ready for a first try in the lake.

We managed to get Cricket out of the living room to the car and tied her to the rack. We had to add some 2x4s to the rack so it would be wide enough. Finally we made it to the Lake (Lake Ontario)
Aug 03, 2013
218 viewsFirst finish coat of paintAug 03, 2013
rudder construction235 viewsNeeds sanding and its ready for its first coat of paint.Aug 03, 2013
rudder construction234 viewsDry assembly of modified rudder. I filed a groove in the rudder and cut a notch to allow the rope to freely pass through. I will place a cleat possibly in the front if it looks appropriate, otherwise on the back. I think it will be easier to access.Aug 03, 2013
rudder construction256 viewsRudder detail, Russian ply proved to be very good and I would use it again with no hesitations.
I have since made another hole on the opposite side to install a pull up string. See Below for details.
Aug 03, 2013
rudder construction227 viewsA couple of coats of epoxy on inside parts of the rudder. The paler coloured plywood is Russian ply. It is heavier than Mokume plywood and that was good for the rudder.Aug 03, 2013
264 viewsGunnels get 3 coats of resin, then 7 of varnish.

Back to my favourite, sanding. This time the inside gets the attention. Its harder to reach too. Eventually I put countless coats of varnish.

The covers for the buoyancy chambers get screwed in with waterproof goo in between.

I sprinkled some no skid finish in the last coat of varnish on the bottom and first board. I don't intend to put floorboards so its safer in a boat if its not to be too slippery.
Aug 03, 2013
227 viewsI had planned to continue priming and sanding and improving the finish, but it looks like we are getting busy so I decided to accept a less than perfect finish, or rather a less than not quite perfect finish, in exchange for sooner in the water.

First coat of paint.
Aug 03, 2013
215 viewsThe primer has dried and now I take most of it off. Funny how that works. Went around and filled a couple of holes, then you guessed it, I sanded it.Aug 03, 2013
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