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Last additions - 15' Skerry Build
199 viewsFirst coat of primer on my little Skerry boat.Aug 03, 2013
202 viewsSanding, sanding, sanding . . .Aug 03, 2013
210 viewsThis skeg is nice and straight. I adjusted the pattern to the actual hull shape so the fit is good and there is no need to fill.

I added a couple strips of fiberglass on the side for added strength. I had installed the stern seat already so I had to access the screws through the openings for the watertight compartment. Not much fun but George and I got it done, I was not quite strong enough to get the screw on at that angle. Got everything glued, screwed and clamped to get a nice perpendicular skeg.
Aug 03, 2013
251 viewsMiddle and front seatsAug 03, 2013
213 viewsFillets done and hole for flotation compartmentAug 03, 2013
208 viewsSanding sternAug 03, 2013
198 viewsStarted fitting the seats. I had not cut the front seat very well. I will have to check the plans. The middle seat was also too large. This is definitely a discrepancey between the plans and the measurements. The stern seat was relatively good and will go in with a minimum of coercion. They were all too big so I'm wondering if the plans I got had been reproduced / photocopied correctly.Aug 03, 2013
239 viewsAfter prebending the gunwales for 3 days I started installing them. I dry assembled the first 2. One scarf joint failed while I was adjusting the other side and since it was perfectly clamped in place with only a partial delaminate I just reglued it in place. The other side went on relatively easily. The shape was improved slightly. Side curves are more smooth. Aug 03, 2013
220 viewsBending GunwalesAug 03, 2013
231 viewsThe outside of the Skerry gets 3 coats of epoxy. Here it is after the first overall coat. Its so magic to see the wood just come alive with the resin. Its a shame I'm planning to paint the outside of the boat. I think it would be just too much wood but I am tempted.

There are surprising few drips. I applied quite a thin coat. It needs to harden now for a couple of days because I'm planning some serious sanding on the outside next.

The Skerry has a pretty shape.
Aug 03, 2013
199 viewsThe outside of the boat was much easier to work with than inside. Experience and positioning both added to make it easier to control the resin. Now everything has to set a little before I trim the extra glass and apply the strips front and back.

Heavy duty fancy extractor fan in the kitchen is showing its worth today. Its not really smelly but I don't like to take a chance.
Aug 03, 2013
208 viewsI'm much smarter than I was when I did the inside of the boat. That's what you call experience. This time I worked a small area at a time applying resin as I go. When I run out I just measure another batch. I like this slow set feature.

Starting to apply resin to the bow of the Skerry
Aug 03, 2013
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