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Suzy Q855 views
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Suzy Q607 views"Suzy Q" Devlin design "Nancy's China" by Dave Wagner.
248 viewsUsing the seat patterns I made, I cut front and back seats out of half inch plywood.
Meranti168 viewsLayout of measurements on plywood. I'm using Meranti, quarter inch for sides and bottom and half inch for bow and transom. Here the bottom is being laid out. I'm using a long strip of plywood to join the points smoothly.

Meranti is heavier than okume so I expect my boat will be heavier than it could be.
Meranti cut178 viewsMain pieces of the boat have been cut. I drilled one eight inch holes along the edges for stitching. After cutting the first side, I just placed it on the plywood and traced it. I then cut right on the line and got a good match.

I've made a little scratch on my saw guide and it allows me to position the cut very accurately. The bow and transom pieces are half inch Meranti plywood with lovely colour.
185 viewsPut a coat of epoxy on the floor. Using lots of thickened epoxy squeezed out of a plastic bag, the assembly is glued following the lines on the floor. Fillets are made and clamps placed to make sure the assembly does not slide out of true. A last check is made to make sure the position is good.

Fillets are used to strengthen stitch and glue seams.
177 viewsAdded 2 more coats of paint. Second coat dried too fast because it was too warm. Left surface a bit bumpy. Too bad.
172 viewsRolling a coat of primer on the inside. The wood in the sun was burning hot to the hand and I figured I would prefer a cooler finish than a beautiful dark wood hot seat.
204 viewsChecking the position of the oarlocks. I've taped them to the boat and checked that its right. There are 2 sets of oarlocks to allow for different weight distribution.
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