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Most viewed - 15' Skerry Build
198 viewsFirst coat of primer on my little Skerry boat.
197 viewsThe outside of the boat was much easier to work with than inside. Experience and positioning both added to make it easier to control the resin. Now everything has to set a little before I trim the extra glass and apply the strips front and back.

Heavy duty fancy extractor fan in the kitchen is showing its worth today. Its not really smelly but I don't like to take a chance.
197 viewsStarted fitting the seats. I had not cut the front seat very well. I will have to check the plans. The middle seat was also too large. This is definitely a discrepancey between the plans and the measurements. The stern seat was relatively good and will go in with a minimum of coercion. They were all too big so I'm wondering if the plans I got had been reproduced / photocopied correctly.
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