View Full Version : Dog kayak

04-22-2001, 08:42 AM
I am interested in building a stitch and glue kayak and modifying it so that it has a removable hatch, so that I can flat water kayak with my 80 pound dog. I would like the design to be versitile enough that I can easily trip without the dog too if I want to. Is it possible to modify plans for this slight adjustment and what kayak plans would be the most adaptable?



04-22-2001, 08:36 PM
If the total weight of you and the dog is under 250 lbs you could probably try the Aquarius Seascape. I would put the dog immediately behind the cockpit, and perhaps move the cockpit forward a few inches. Otherwise you may have to go for a double such as the Glen L Sea Kayak II or the Chesapeake Double. Of course you would have to teach the dog to paddle.