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11-09-2005, 02:05 PM

How much resin/hardener is there in a 6kg (B) sized pack in litres? I am about to start building an S+G Cirrus (kayak) but am unsure how much resin to buy.
I intend to paint the hull and deck seperate colours so was thinking of only applying a couple of resin fill coats before painting and wet/dry sanding the paint smooth. Will this work?


01-14-2006, 11:08 AM
No matter what anyone says about not coating with epoxy due to added weight etc. Epoxy is the best primer/surfacer for your paint.You want to get all of the fairing and final sanding done in the primer coat.Don't need to wetsand any of it if you do it in this way. Put on about 3 coats of thin epoxy and dry sand in between coats with a semi flexible long board that is around 10" long. This will show you all the imperfections and high and low spots which you can fix accordingly by sanding or filling with epoxy or epoxy fairing compound.I like to then coat the whole thing to homogenize everything and fine sand the epoxy before paint or primer.There is more work in the paint prep than building the boat if you are after a decent finish.
I used this method on my boat ( www.home.earthlink.net/~tigmaster41 )and painted with a one part paint with the roll and tip method. It came out flawlessly.
If you get all of the fairing done before paint,you will only need to scuff the paint between color coats.

Also,if this is your first epoxy experience,order double the amount needed.