View Full Version : Transfering Plans to Plywood and Plywood pieces longer than 8 feet

Brian Thompson
07-17-2008, 07:04 PM
I just bought some plans for a stitch and glue project and I have a few questions that hopefully I can get some direction on.

1. The plans do not include full size patterns - just scale drawings.
How do I get the cut lines onto the plywood accurately?

2. How do I make the larger than 8 foot pieces for the sides? The plans I bought talk about a skarf joint - does anyone have plans for a jig or fixture?

I will continue on with my reserch - but if anyone can chime in that would be cool - thanks

07-20-2008, 05:26 PM
A scarf joint is not hard to do. What thickness of plywood are you working with? As an exsample if you were joining 2 peices of 1/4 in. plywood together you would stack them one on top of the other staggaring the edges by 2 inches.You can stack as many as you want just keep moving each peice 2 inches in. You end up with the ends of the wood forming a "ramp" then simply using a plane or belt sander, keeping it at the same angle as the "ramp", cut all the peices at once . you end up with a 2 inch slant at the end of each peice. With one facing up and one facing down , epoxy and clamp or screw them together.

07-21-2008, 07:11 PM
There should be a scale marked on the drawing (1”=1’ for example) , just use one edge of the plywood as a reference line, then mark horizontal and vertical points as per the scale drawing. Finally use a batten ( any piece of clear wood that will bend in a fair curve, pine or cedar work well) to join the points. If you drive a finishing nail into each point and hold the ends of the batten with a couple of spring clamps it will be easy to mark the line with a pencil. If one of the nails on the line doe’s not touch the batten recheck your measurements.