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    MEGA GLOSS Topside Marine Paint

    I bought this stuff to use on my 2 fiberglass live wells on my pontoon boat. MEGA GLOSS Topside Marine Paint is a technically advanced single component topside polyurethane enamel giving you a hard protective coating for super high gloss, color retention, and long durability.
    It says to use Xylene to thin it.
    Well I've got expensive paint thinner, laquere thinner, mineral spirits, some base coat car paint thinner that has a whole lot of chemicals in it including xylene.
    So far i've thinned this paint with laquere thinner and the base coat car paint thinner and sprayed (HVLP) it on some primered metal roofing samples i have, let it dry for 2 days in my garage 80 deg, and both samples i can fingernail scratch the paint off the metal but not that easily. Using your finger nail the paint is soft. Why is this paint soft after 2 days of 80deg. drying? Autozone sells ready to spray Duplicolor paint in quarts. If i can not get this marine topside paint to cooperate i may have to surrender to Duplicolor

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    Never heard of Mega Closs so can't give you any answers, try asking the manufacturer. We have found that two part Polyurethane is the most consistant for trouble free results.


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