I was hoping someone could provide some advice about the products on this site and hopefully some knowledge about canoe building.

I was thinking a carbonfiber core sandwiched between two layers of kevlar, but I've been reading that the kevlar may not be ideal for the hull, so perhaps a carbon core sandwiched between kevlar and sglass would be more appropriate?

I am in the early planning stages and have a number of questions.

1) Is this kevlar suitable for a canoe? I notice that it's significantly cheaper than the other fabrics:

2) Also, would you suggest the 6oz or the 12oz for the carbon fiber core? Is carbon fiber suitable at all for that matter.

3) Is the carbon/kevlar hybrid fabric suitable for canoe hulls?

4) And lastly, do you know how many layers I should use ? Is 1 carbon and 2 kevlar enough? too much?

Again, thank you again in advance for any information you can provide.