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Thread: online ordering

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    online ordering

    I am trying to place an order online but can't. I can login to the message forums but the system won't let me login to the online store. I live in Ontario and when I try to fill out the adress info it lists every country in the world except Canada and then tells me my currency won't work because it's different or something like that. Do I have to make a long distance phone call from Ottawa to Noah's in Toronto to order?

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    Noah’s websites are keyed to your IP Address, when you log in using a Canadian provider you will get our Canadian site, same in US. If for some reason you log into our US or International sites you will not be able to place an order if the currency’s don’t match. Logging into http://www.noahsmarine.com/index.asp should get into our Canadian site or you can call 800 524 7517


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