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    replace Carpet on a 38 Bayliner w/Teak & Holly

    I want to replace my carpet in my salon of my 38 Bayliner with Teak & Holly plywood. which thickness should I use? What finish can I put on this? I have a dog and I would like to have a VERY HARD finish on my new flooring.

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    When you peel off the carpet there should be plywood or fibreglass underneath so should work OK. Easiest way to fasten it down is with screws but if you use Sikaflex or 3M 5200 it will prevent water from getting underneath and no screw heads showing, only problem will be getting it up again.
    As for finish the toughest would be either Bristol Finish or Epifanes Polyurethane. These are high gloss so will be very slippery when wet, but you can flatten it with Bristol Satin Additive or a small amount of Non Skid additive will add bumps, too much will make the finish cloudy


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