I purchased this really nice book the other day (at a substatially enflated price, should have bought it from NOAH's) called CANOECRAFT by Tom Moore. Now this book goes into extensive detail about building the cedar strip canoe. As informative and appealing as this book may seem, when I got to the 8 designs that they offer with "the purchase of the book" my first thought was "WHAT ARE THESE GUYS SMOKING"??? I am not, I repeat NOT a rocket scientist nor do I play one on TV. If somebody could please decipher these tables for me in a manner that is consistent with a ROOKIE BUILDER I would be forever grateful. I'm trying to transfer these things to grafting paper and would appreciate any advice you could give (NO , DON'T EVEN SUGGEST ME BUYING THE MOLDS, THIS IS WAR)

I hope you enjoyed my review of this book