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    cedarstrip boat bottoms

    Hi This is my first post. I am looking for advice on applying epoxy to the bottom of a peterborough cedarstrip boat. I do not wish to fiberglass it and am wondering if I can use epoxy by itself covered with varnish and bottom paint. If I can, can I only go splashrail to splashrail or is it best to go gunnel to gunnel,once Istart with the epoxy? I'm worried about disturbing the natural flexing of the hull by stiffening only the bottom.Would that put stress along the splashrail line if only the bottom were stiffened and not the sides to the gunnels? Thanks .Any help is appreciated.

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    Tech info...

    Just finished referring a paddler to Noah's for supplies and now here I am referring another paddler to WCHA. You posted a good question, one which I will be waiting to read the answers to... If you don't get all the advice from Noah's, you might try http://forums.wcha.org/ for more help. I'm guessing that they will say "stick to the way it was built" unless it is totally non usable...
    Good Luck, Joe

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    We have had a number of customers fiberglass the bottoms of cedar strip boats over the years and it has worked quite well. You will need to strip all the old finish, tighten loose nails, fill seams and nail heads with epoxy and wood flour then 6 oz or 10 oz glass splash rail to splash rail. Epoxy only will likely develop some cracks over time.
    Needless to say, if you want to preserve the original character of the boat do not fiberglass, but if you like dry feet glass it.


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