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    1960 Arrowhead canoe repair question

    I acquired a 1960 Arrowhead canoe built by the St. Louis Boat and Canoe Company. All of the wood in the gunnel is rotten. Is cedar the proper wood to use for that fix?

    My main issue, though, is that the wood in the transom (it's a flatback) is mostly rotten. The glass is in good shape, and I don't want to cut out any of the transom glass if I don't have to. Is there some sort of filler that can be poured into the transom in place of wood? I have gotten most of the rotten wood out already.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    A harder wood such as Ash or Cherry will work better for gunwales particularly if the boat is banged around a bit. As for the transom you could pour in some epoxy mixed with microbaloon, but replacing the transom with new plywood would be the best solution, especially if you are going to use a motor. The inside glass layer should be thin so just cut it out, replace the wood and re glass.

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    Hi, I also might have bought an arrowhead canoe as well. I am refurbishing it and it sounds like the design on the afore mentioned canoe is similar to mine though it is not a square stern. Would anybody have info or pics so I can determine what brand my canoe is? It is an 18ft tandem heavy weight fiberglass with a keel. It also has wood trim molded into the inside of the hull where a plywood platform had rotted out. The only logo is an arrowhead molded into the fiberglass on the end caps of the gunwales. Any info would be appreciated.
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